Bamboo & Grass Plants

Discover our range of bamboo plants and ornamental grasses. Easy to take care of and great for adding interesting shapes and colours to your garden.¬†Perfect for people looking for something a bit more low maintenance. Find the perfect bamboo and grass to suit your style and we’ll deliver them straight to your door.

Absolutely. Phormiums and cordylines have large sword shaped leaves which grow up and out, making them a beautiful structural feature plant for your space.

There are several varieties of grasses that can provide a pop of colour in your garden. A blue fescue (festuca glauca) grass has fantastic frosty blue foliage which looks good all year round. Fountain grass¬†(Pennisetum x advena) offers a striking pop of crimson throughout spring and summer. A sedge ‘Bronze’ grass has wispy bronze fronds which reach upwards and are curly at the ends.