Plants in a hanging basket



Explore our pre-planted hanging baskets. Whether you’re looking to add a pop of colour to the front of your house or for some aesthetically pleasing texture to your garden, shop our top-quality range 

Hanging basket plants come in a variety of colours, shapes, scents, and sizes. Together these outdoor garden plants create a captivating overflow that adds charm to any balcony, garden fence or front door.  We have created hanging basket kits that contain collections of plants including the following, which are  great   for hanging baskets : Bacopa, Fuchsia, Petunia and Calibrachoa  

Whether you’re putting up ready-planted hanging baskets or creating your own, it’s always good to know what plants do well in the shade. Here are some shade-loving plants that would look great in your hanging baskets Ostrich Ferns, Hostas, Trailing petunia, Nemesia, Hart’s Tongue Fern, Geranium. 

Picking the right soil and basket size play a huge part in making ready planted hanging baskets look full and lush. Once you’ve picked your plants, pack them in – don’t be afraid. To experience fuller, healthier growth remember to water and feed them often. Buy edible plants for an unconventional way to fill them up – like some strawberries, mint or even some thyme. Our Gin collection is the best readymade hanging basket for home-grown herbs.  

Just like outdoor flowers in pots, trailing plants for hanging baskets also create a cascading, romantic effect in outdoor spaces. Here are some great trailing plants for your hanging baskets, that can be found in our hanging basket kits: Ivy Strawberry and Fuchsia.