Step-over ‘Cox’ apple tree


This apple tree produces an abundance of apples with a sweet flavour and crisp, juicy texture, it’s a great choice of fruit tree for any outdoor space.

This is a step-over tree (a low-growing, horizontally-trained tree that can literally be ‘stepped over’), which makes it excellent for use along the edges of paths, flower beds or for growing along balcony railings (so you don’t block the view!).

This plant is known for being extremely hardy. As climate change causes extreme temperature fluctuations, rest assured that this plant can survive temperatures as low as -15 celsius. It’s also a pollinating plant so once it begins to flower, it’ll provide food for pollinators, such as bees and butterflies.

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  • A step-over ‘Cox’ apple tree – planted in your chosen pot (if added)
  • Care guide
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Light needs:
Full sun
Frost sensitive?
Pollinator friendly?
Yes, fruit is edible
Child safe?
🟢 - not harmful
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🟢 - not harmful

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